As a parent, one of the key responsibilities is to ensure a healthy and harmonious relationship with your child. Communication is crucial in any relationship, and this is even more important when it comes to parents and children. A sample agreement between parent and child can be a useful tool in setting clear expectations, outlining responsibilities, and fostering an open and honest dialogue between parents and children.

The following is an example of a sample agreement between a parent and child:

Agreement between Parent and Child

This agreement is made between {Parent’s name} (“Parent”) and {Child’s name} (“Child”) on {date}.


The purpose of this agreement is to establish clear expectations for the relationship between Parent and Child.


1. Respect: Child agrees to treat Parent with respect and follow all reasonable rules set by Parent.

2. Communication: Parent agrees to listen to Child and take Child’s opinions and feelings into consideration.

3. Chores and Responsibilities: Child agrees to complete assigned chores and responsibilities on time and to the best of their ability.

4. Academic Performance: Child agrees to prioritize and work towards academic success. Parent agrees to support Child in this and provide necessary resources and assistance.

5. Screen Time: Child agrees to limit screen time to {number of hours or minutes} per day. Parent agrees to monitor and enforce this rule.

6. Curfew: Child agrees to abide by a set curfew, as agreed upon by Parent and Child.

7. Trust and Honesty: Both Parent and Child agree to be honest and trustworthy in all interactions with each other.

8. Consequences: Both Parent and Child understand that there will be consequences for violating any of the terms of this agreement.



Parent’s Signature


Child’s Signature


A sample agreement between parent and child can be a useful tool in establishing clear expectations and fostering open communication in a parent-child relationship. By setting clear rules and expectations, both parents and children can create a positive and healthy relationship that is built on mutual respect and trust. With this agreement, both parties can work towards a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.