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MEDI CLINICAL is a private clinical research center specializing in trials within the scope of internal medicine, infectious diseases, dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, family medicine, neurology, and rheumatology.

We are a unique address on the medical map of Warsaw, founded thanks to a combination of knowledge and passion for clinical trials, whose fundamental value is continuous development and providing high-quality care.

In conducting research, MEDI CLINICAL collaborates with a market-leading company, PRIMA Clinical Services, which provides a full range of services related to the organization and conduct of clinical trials in medical centers in Poland. 

Together, we foster patients’ awareness of clinical trials for partnership-led therapeutic care, offering patients access to innovative therapies.

Principle Investigator: Marcin Michalak, MD, PHD
Sub-Investigator: Anna Witowicz, MD
Principle Investigator: Agnieszka Kardynał, MD, PHD
Principle Investigator: Anna Gryszka, MD
Principle Investigator: Michał Krogulecki, MD
Sub-Investigator: Bogna Kucharska, MD
Principle Investigator: Aleksandra Juszkiewicz, MD, PHD
Sub-Investigator: Małgorzata Dąbrowska, MD
Magdalena Leszczyńska, RN
Dorota Dużyńska, RN
Bernadetta Głuszcz, RN
Anna Kawa, RN

Maciej Wieleba